Act prep course


Most students have no idea when they should start preparing for the ACT, how they should study for it, or even when they should take it. The state of Utah provides one free ACT test to all students during the spring of their junior year. However, waiting until that test date to start preparing is a bad idea. We recommend preparing for the ACT starting your sophomore year, and taking the test for the first time fall of your junior year. That gives you 3-4 potential test dates before college applications are due and the best chance at getting the score you need. So how do you prepare?

What You Need to Know About the ACT

How to successfully prepare for the ACT and improve your score


English Section

Grammar and rhetorical skills review, sentence structure and editing, and practice test questions

Math Section

Algebra, geometry, statistics, graphing, and trigonometry review and practice test questions 


Reading Section

Vocabulary and rhetorical skills, full length reading passages, and practice test questions

Science Section

Interpreting graphs and charts, answering the right question, and practice test questions


Full-Length Exam

Practice exam session covering all sections of the test with 1 week turnaround for scores

Pricing Options

Group Session
8 weeks, once per week
Up to 5 students, online only
Individual Session
4 or 8 weeks
Priority scheduling, online only

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