“I’ve been taking lessons with Taylor for two months. Lessons with Taylor are always fun and valuable. I enjoy it. She types on the screen and corrects my expressions and grammar mistakes, which I can review easily later on. She paraphrases sentences in a way I can understand. We focus on writing, reading, and speaking. One day each week, I read my English diary and she corrects the incorrect grammar and teaches me new phrases. It is a great help to me. I can see that I’m improving when I write my thoughts.  

I also pick the articles I want to read and discuss, and she corrects my pronunciation and helps me to summarize each paragraph of the article. It improves the rate at which I understand the overall content and I feel my pronunciation is getting better. She is very kind and always supportive. I feel more encouraged to speak English because of these lessons.”

— Jiae Choi

“I’m Korean and I wanted to improve my English.  My friend recommended me to Taylor, and I’m satisfied with her lessons.  First, she is very kind, caring, and makes me comfortable.  I feel comfortable asking her questions and even if I can’t explain what I want, she understands what I mean and corrects my English.  It hasn’t been too difficult for me.

Second, there is no textbook for her class.  I think this can be an advantage or disadvantage for some people, but it has been helpful for me. I can tell her what I want to learn and suggest the direction of class. I have full control over what I wat to learn.  She always accepts my lesson plans and teaches them really well. 

Finally, whenever I ask her a question, she teaches me the in-depth explanation.  Taylor is good at explaining things so that I can understand them easily.  I have been studying with her for less than a month, but I’m really looking forward to seeing myself improve over the next couple of months.  

Don’t hesitate to study with her. I would strongly recommend it!”

— Hyery Lee

“Taylor is incredible! I have been working with her for a few months now, and she has made such a difference for me. I was always so nervous when writing content, because I couldn’t quite find the words to match what I wanted to say. But Taylor speaks to my soul. I can tell her what I am thinking, and she is able to write it down in such a beautiful way. She knows exactly what I want to say and what I mean when I speak. I asked one of my other English-speaking friends once to help me, but he just couldn’t speak to my soul the way Taylor does.

I am so grateful for all her help and the things she has helped me accomplish in my business. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to improve their written content and learn to really speak to people’s hearts.”

— Nina Dali

“Hello, I am from Thailand and I can speak a little English. I think English is very difficult for me. Sometimes when I talk to my husband, he doesn’t understand. I feel sad that we do not understand each other. One day, I got to know my teacher, Taylor. I was scared when I first met her, because I could only speak a little bit. My first day of class, I was excited but scared to talk.

English is still difficult for me, but I work hard to try and learn more. I have learned how to ask and answer questions, and how to pronounce words I didn’t know before. I enjoy taking classes with Taylor, and I love learning new things. I hope one day, I will speak English very well.”

— Chatchaya Flores