Our mission


Student Success

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your student is successful, no matter what their goals are.  From better grades to high school graduation to college diplomas, we are here every step of the way.


Overcome Limitations

Math presents a unique challenge for many students, and learning to solve those problems improves their self-confidence.  Over time, they will learn to take more risks and discover new talents.


Individualized Learning

We create customized learning strategies for every student that utilize their strengths.  No matter how your student learns best, we can create a custom plan to help them succeed.

meet the team

Taylor Hyde is the owner and founder of Taylor Hyde Tutoring. She personally teaches all of the math and English sessions, as well as the ACT prep course. She likes to paint, watch The Office, and play Dungeons and Dragons in her spare time. 

Bailey Bennion teaches all science courses for Taylor Hyde Tutoring. She is a biology major at Utah Valley Univeristy and plans to attend medical school to become an OBGYN. She enjoys watching New Girl, playing with her puppy Georgia, and baking in her spare time. 

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