ahead of the curve


Our new “Ahead of the Curve” course is a dynamic summer program designed to keep students on track and thriving in math. Tailored for middle and high school students, this 9-week course offers a supportive group environment and small class sizes. Led personally by Taylor Hyde, students benefit from a curriculum drawn from essential concepts from each level of math. Through collaborative problem-solving and engaging activities, students will not only solidify their understanding of core math principles but also develop critical thinking and teamwork skills. Students will be encouraged to participate at their own comfort level, fostering an environment where every voice is valued. Stay “Ahead of the Curve” this summer and join us on a journey of growth, confidence, and mathematical mastery.


Math 6

Mondays at 9 AM
June 3 – July 29
$275 / student

Math 7

Wednesdays at 9 AM
June 5 – July 31
$275 / student

Math 8

Fridays at 9 AM
June 7 – August 2
$275 / student

Secondary Math 1

Mondays at 10 AM
June 3 – July 29
$325 / student

Secondary Math 2

Wednesdays at 10 AM
June 5 – July 31
$325 / student


Secondary Math 3

Fridays at 10 AM
June 7 – August 2
$325 / student


Head Start on New Material

This course will allow us to take concepts the students learned last year, and go “one step further” to the content and applications they will learn next year. This helps review old concepts while also becoming familiar with new material. When this content is then introduced in the classroom, students will already be familiar with the concept and not feel overwhelmed by it.

Strengthen Foundational Skills

We will practice and review concepts the students have been introduced to, but not mastered. This will allow students to strengthen skills that may not be quite ready to build on.
The classes will provide instruction on common skills students need to practice and reinforce, and there will be time to work on specific content when requested by students.

Boost Confidence

These group sessions foster a supportive environment where students can collaborate and learn from one another. Through interactive activities and shared challenges, they will develop problem-solving skills and gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Peer support and encouragement helps students overcome doubts and fear of failure, empowering them to approach math with confidence.

Enhance Problem Solving

Students will work together on problems that are more challenging than they’ve been exposed to previously, giving them the opportunity to brainstorm how one might approach the challenge. They will share the ideas they came up with and we will talk together about what would and would not work, as well as why those solutions are mathematically valid. This helps students learn to see unique ways of solving problems they may not have considered otherwise.

Supportive Learning Environment

These group classes are significantly smaller than a traditional classroom, allowing me to engage more deeply with each student. We foster a supportive environment where questions are encouraged and struggles are met with patience and understanding.
This environment also allows for greater exploration, experimentation, and mastery of new concepts, making learning more enriching and enjoyable.

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